For fostering providers

While Link Maker is used by nearly every local authority in the UK for adoptive matching, over one-third of authorities across England are preparing to pilot a new platform for commissioning fostering and residential placements.

The platform is funded by authorities, and free to placement providers. It offers the potential for greater efficiency, and a greater focus on individual needs, in the way placements are commissioned.

To ensure your vacancies are available when needed we recommend registering now and adding your details. Placements can be identified in a number of ways:

  1. Any authority may contact you to explore a vacancy you have listed
  2. You may contact any authority that has listed a placement request if you feel you can help
  3. Authorities within your framework(s) may issue placement requests to you specifically

New users are helped with clear menus, on-screen guidance and video tutorials. For further help please contact our support team who will be happy to assist.


Download an overview to share with colleagues

Read about Link Maker's data protection arrangements

Who is Link Maker?

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