About us

Link Maker is a social enterprise founded by two people with personal experience of children's social care - that's us below. While working together at an adoption and fostering charity we realised how much children's social care could benefit from being more joined-up. Today, our 9 full-time development and support staff provide an online platform across the UK, spanning adoption, fostering, residential care and commissioning.

Our vision is for all looked after children to find stable relationships with those who can best meet their individual needs, and to receive the right support to help them recover from past experiences and flourish. We believe information is key, and aim to:

  • Give access to the widest range of placements to improve needs-led decisions for children (see 'services' above)
  • Improve knowledge of national sufficiency to inform recruitment and development of new provision more
  • Help to build a national picture of children's journeys and wellbeing, to show that early investment brings rewards for everyone more

We develop our platform using an 'agile' process, which involves frequent updates in response to changing needs. This is informed by an exchange of experience and ideas within within an advisory group of experts and national leads.

Our founders