Full community features

With a full Adoption UK community account, you can access all forums and full community features. You must have adopted or be in the process of adopting, with a UK adoption LA/agency, and these details will need to be verified before full access is granted.

You would benefit from a full community account if:

  • you are currently in the family finding process
  • you have adopted and wish to find other adopters in your area.

Public forum only

Anyone can register to use Adoption UK's public forum to ask questions and share advice. A public forum only account does not require identity verification with a UK adoption LA/agency.

You would benefit from a public forum only account if:

  • you are thinking about adoption
  • you adopted a long time ago
  • you are the family of, or friends with, an adopter
  • you only want to use the anonymous forums.

Which account would you like to register for?

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