Joining-up children's social care

Link Maker helps everyone to play their part in ensuring children in care can find stability, recover from past experiences and flourish. 

Find the widest range of placements to meet children's individual needs, across all care settings, anywhere. Link Maker makes collaboration, family support and data management simple and secure.  

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Adopters and foster carers from any local authority or independent agency in the UK can register for free for family-finding and to access support. Families can:

  • Work with their social workers in identifying children they would like to be matched with, whether nationally or from their own local authority or consortium. 
  • Build support networks in a uniquely safe environment. Chat with others, arrange playdates, and join family-led-led groups.
  • Access support from practitioners on the Q&A, or via agency areas hosted by local authorities, independent agencies or regional services.

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Make placements available to the right children, at the right time. Providers across the UK use Link Maker to manage cases, support families and work with authorities flexibly and securely.  

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