Release notes

With Link Maker, our goal is to constantly progress and improve our services through assessment and customer feedback. Through our releases we unveil new features, implement enhancements and fix any bugs that might be lurking. Below you will find our recent releases and developments.

Release 1.21.2

Release date: November 30th 2021

For all practitioners and adopters

  • Fixed an error when deleting a family matching profile 

Release 1.21.1

Release date: November 25th 2021


Release 1.21.0

Release date: November 23rd 2021

For practitioners involved in adoption and commissioning,

We have made major updates to how you manage your cases, including:

  • Adding a list of your 10 most recently visited cases to the ‘Cases’ page. You can use this list to quickly switch between cases without having to go through the full case listing.
  • Moving the case actions to the top of the case management interface, allowing you to make case actions no matter which tab of a case you are viewing.
  • Adding the ability to review and manage which team members are assigned to each case, using the new ‘Assigned to’ section at the top of the case management interface
  • Adding a brand new ‘Activity record’ tab to each case. Here, you can see the history of all activity that has taken place for the given case, from profile creation to discussions. Please note that this page will only list activity taken place after the date this feature was released (23rd November 2021).
  • Adding the ability to add a ‘Case note’ to a case. These case notes can be assigned to team members who will be notified by email. Case notes can also be attached to any open enquiries for the case and will be seen by your organisation only.
  • Adding the ability to upload a ‘Case document’ to a case.
  • Consolidating all profiles into a single tab for practitioners who manage both adoption and commissioning cases.

For more information about the new case management interface, see our PDF and video guides by clicking the links below:

We have also made the following changes:

For all practitioners and adopters

  • Fixed incorrect button labelling on the ‘Delete profile’ page
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect formatting for ‘Ethnicity’ and ‘Religion’ fields on family matching profiles
  • Fixed a bug preventing community updates from being shown on the homepage feed
  • Fixed a bug preventing the favourite things entries from displaying on the profile. 

For practitioners involved in adoption and commissioning

  • Removed the ‘Outgoing interest’ and ‘Incoming interest’ fields from the ‘Cases’ page to accommodate the cases sidebar
  • Removed the auto-link option for practitioners when verifying accounts, due to phasing out auto-linking
  • When recording a match made on Link Maker, we have appropriately filtered the list of organisations shown
  • Fixed a bug preventing print permissions for documents to be set as printing allowed
  • Fixed a bug causes the last activity date to appear incorrectly in certain situations

For community users

  • Fixed a bug preventing users from deleting community profiles

Release 1.17.1

Release date: January 25th 2021

All users

  • Improvements to site performance.
  • Fixed an issue for Android users where the hamburger menu was not always visible.
  • Fixed an issue where the horizontal data indicators on the adopters’ sufficiency chart was misaligned.


  • Made improvements to the ‘Interests & discussions’ page, separating the category sections into separate tabs.
  • Fixed an error caused by the link in the email confirmation received for a case connection to a social worker.
  • Fixed an error that occurred downloading profiles on confirmation of a match.
  • Fixed a bug affecting the display of the Personality section if the adopters had created a profile previously.

All practitioners

  • Made improvements to the ‘Interests & discussions’ page, separating the category sections into separate tabs.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘profile review’ emails were being send to incorrect users.
  • Fixed a bug where users registering for community only access were showing a ‘stage of process’ of ‘In assessment’ for organisation verifiers.
  • Fixed an error that occurred downloading profiles on confirmation of a match.
  • Fixed an issue when generating data exports where it was unclear to the user that there was no data for the specified criteria.
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to add documents to topics created in organisational portal/areas. 


Release date: December 8th 2020

Adoption practitioners

  • The ‘Available families’ report has been improved to remove confusion around the way contact levels were presented.

Release 1.16.13

Release date: October 15th 2020

All users

  • Improvements to site performance
  • Fixed a bug causing images to be lost on profile downloads
  • Fixed a bug caused when clicking the LA/Agency group name link in the breadcrumb
  • Fixed a bug allowing users to enter the same username and community name

All practitioners

  • Added functionality to upload videos to LA/Agency area forums
  • Added ability for practitioners to enter approval panel date for date within the past three weeks or in the future
  • Fixed a bug causing a warning banner to be hidden when expressing interest in a child profile on behalf of an excluded family
  • Fixed a bug causing the ‘Adopter activity report’ to be hidden from practitioners in a VAA
  • Fixed a bug causing cases to be hidden for practitioners after a family has deleted their profile
  • Fixed a bug relating to the sort order on the ‘Search adopters’ page

Adoption Register Wales

  • Added the ability for users from Welsh organisations to receive their alerts via SMS, with new options to manage their SMS and email alert settings

Release 1.16.12

Release date: October 8th 2020

All users

  • Created a video conferencing test room to enable users to test their devices and internet connection
  • Added the ability for moderators to restrict microphone and webcam access for participants of video meetings
  • Optimised the video room bandwidth Implemented admin solutions and further logging for video rooms
  • Fixed a bug causing an error when re-entering a video room
  • Fixed a bug causing video rooms to expand off-screen

Adoption UK community

  • Removed the 'Angry' option from ‘React to post’

Release 1.16.11

Release date: July 28th 2020

All users

  • Added an online support chat function to the site, allowing logged in users to speak directly to our support team
  • Added a browser checker to video conferencing, alerting users when their browser is unsupported and suggesting a supported browser
  • Added the ability to play video audio to participants in video conferencing
  • Removed unused icons from video conferencing interface
  • Fixed a bug causing low video streaming quality in video conferencing
  • Fixed a bug causing video conferencing rooms to close unexpectedly

AUK community users

  • Added the ability for users to add a signature for Adoption UK forum posts
  • Added the ability to ‘react’ to Adoption UK forum posts

Release 1.16.10

Release date: July 15th 2020

All users

  • When uploading a video to the site, the site now automatically detects the orientation of the video and uploads it accordingly

All practitioners

  • Fixed a bug preventing practitioners from receiving notifications of outgoing interest made by adopters they are managing
  • Fixed a bug causing inappropriate practitioners to display when transferring a case

Release 1.16.9

Release date: May 25th 2020

Adoption practitioners and families

  • Fixed a bug where when the availability of an adopters profile was not set, the display of the availability shown on the adopters profile page was incorrect. 
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect copy was shown within a discussion that has ended relating to the profile that was deleted. 
  • Fixed a bug where in specific circumstances the ability to 'End discussion' was not available.  

Adoption practitioners

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to create 3 different individuals against an adopter profile. 

All practitioners

  • Functionality has been added to allow practitioners to schedule video conferencing, where participation in the conference is secured by using a Link Maker login. This can be used for webinars, training, exchange days or group meetings. This feature is currently in the pilot stage, if you are interested please contact support for more information.