The data collected by Link Maker helps to inform the sector about placement sufficiency and practice trends.

Within adoption, the platform holds detailed information of needs of children awaiting placements, and adopters currently available. Individual agencies can access a range of reports providing a detailed statistical picture of profiles and activity, as well as full, case-level data exports. Child-specific reports provide instant evidence of the likely availability of placements to meet a child's needs, and the matching activity that has been conducted on behalf of a child. Key data is also aggregated to provide regional and national reports, giving a uniquely detailed and up-to-date picture of the adoption landscape.

Within fostering and residential care, reports are being developed during 2017 to provide users with similar valuable intelligence.

Statistics on Link Maker:

Graph of children matched on Link Maker

In the past 30 days

108 children have been matched with 79 new families
Profiles of 232 children have been added, making a total of 2220 currently seeking families
116 prospective families have registered, making a total of 1800 currently using the system