Link Maker provides essential data to those who need it within children's social care to inform recruitment, new service provision, and development of practice and policy.

The platform holds detailed information both of the needs of children awaiting placements, and the families, carers and children's home vacancies available. Since placements are discussed and arranged through the same platform, a unique picture of activity across all care settings is built.

Within individual local authorities or provider organisations, a range of reports are available providing a detailed statistical picture of profiles and activity, as well as full, case-level data exports. Child-specific reports provide instant evidence of the likely availability of placements to meet a child's needs, and the matching activity that has been conducted on behalf of a child.

Due to the wide use of Link Maker, key data can also be aggregated regionally and nationally. Within adoption, live charts will soon be available on this page detailing sufficiency. This will include:

  • Trends: charts tracking changes in the children waiting longer for adoption, and new adopters, over the previous 12 months. Covering new referrals, matches, total number waiting, and average wait time.
  • Live snapshot: a detailed table with detail of families and children currently waiting, expandable to give detail of needs, siblings, ages, capabilities etc, and including the current average wait time for each cohort.
  • Filters: the two chart areas above will be configurable to display data filtered by both area (nationally or regionally) and by a number of cohorts of children considered 'harder to place' (by age, siblings, disabilities etc).

While the data above will be publicly available, the same data will be presented to all practitioners on their homepage, filtered according to their agency or region.

Statistics on Link Maker:

Graph of children matched on Link Maker

In the past 30 days

59 children have been matched with 46 new families
Profiles of 254 children have been added, making a total of 1943 currently seeking families
143 prospective families have registered, making a total of 2431 currently using the system