As a Scottish adopter, you can register and login through Link Maker.
As a Scottish adopter, you can register and login through Link Maker.

Scotland’s Adoption Register maintains an overview of the adoption system in Scotland, and actively links with social workers to ensure that plans for children and adopters are progressing satisfactorily.

The Register has a remit is to facilitate family-finding across Scotland so that adoptive families are found as quickly as possible for children once it has been decided that they should be placed for adoption. The Register also has a remit to gather and share statistical information about adoption in Scotland to inform the development of national practice and policy.

Key to this is the online Register, which allows social workers to share information about children who have a plan for adoption with approved adopters in Scotland. Regulations introduced by the Scottish Government in 2016 require local authorities and adoption agencies to refer children and adopters to the Register through the national linking service – within 3 months of the child being registered for adoption or, for adopters, within 3 months of being approved at panel.

Link Maker provides the IT system for the online Register, ensuring that technology keeps pace with developments in practice and policy, and that information is protected by the highest levels of security.

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